Eyoyo 2D desktop scanner EY-7130.1
Eyoyo 2D Omnidirectional code reader EY-7130 platform POS Scanner.6
Eyoyo 2D desktop scanner EY-7130 barcode reader hands-free.4
Eyoyo 2D Omnidirectional barcode reader EY-7130 platform POS Scanner.5
Eyoyo 2D Omnidirectional scanner EY-7130 automatic sense QR code.7
Eyoyo 2D Omnidirectional scanner EY-7130 automatic sense.2
Eyoyo 2D Omnidirectional scanner EY-7130 platform code reader.3
Eyoyo 2D Omnidirectional scanner EY-7130 QR code reader.8
Eyoyo 2D desktop scanner EY-7130 hand free scan.9

Eyoyo 2D Desktop Automatic Barcode Scanner

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Description of Eyoyo 2D Desktop Automatic Barcode Scanner
Eyoyo EY-7130 Desktop Barcode Scanner with Automatic Sensing Scanning 1D/2D Omnidirectional Hands-Free Barcode Reader QR Screen Scanning Platform Scanner for POS PC Supermarket Bookstore Retail Mall
1 yearwarranty
money backguarantee
With USB plug and play, you needn't install any driver and software to work with your device. With super decoding capability features, it can scan most 1D, QR, 2D barcode from paper and screen, and support decode special barcode. With this scanner, you can significantly reduce data entry errors, improving your working efficiency. widely used to work on supermarket, mall, bookstore, convenience store, retail shop, library, drugstore, catering services and other industrials that need payment scanning
A reliable working partner
Eyoyo portable scanner will do most 1D & 2D barcodes paper or screen. Will read damaged, distorted, colored, reflective and special barcodes.
Improve profitability
Which in terms of ROI will save you time and resources resulting in a higher profit for your company or home business ,by eliminating human error.
Achieve target traceability
Simple to connect, easy to use, maximize productivity and eliminate worker fatigue
Portable and comfortable
Ergonomic, portable and comfortable barcode scanner, leading similar products, providing your employees with a more comfortable working environment