Barcode Scanner Black Friday 2022 Deals of Eyoyoscan

Eyoyo black friday

Black Friday 2022 is coming and you are looking for Barcode Scanner Black Friday deals? In this article, we'll inform you of the latest deals and coupons for Eyoyoscan Black Friday 2022. Take advantage of the Black Friday deals early, because the hot and discounted products will sell out fast! Here are a couple models you should keep in mind while you shop.



2022 Black Friday Deals of Eyoyoscan


Nov.21st-Nov.25th is going to be a crazy day at Eyoyoscan! Take a quick look at what's going on at Eyoyo's big event, and don't miss this once-a-year opportunity.


Get the best price of the year

From Nov.21st-Nov.25th, you can get $20 off any barcode scanner purchase or accumulate over $99 during this period! We have arranged a special sale for these three popular products.

eyoyo black friday

Note: $99 off $20 sitewide does not stack with discounted products

Eyoyoscan ultimately reserves the right to honor or not honor this promotion.

Be sure to stay tuned to our official website from November 21-25, 2022 and subscribe to Eyoyoscan Facebook for the latest updates. Don't forget to follow and refresh our limited time sale page during Black Friday. You will always be informed about the latest discounts.

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The Must-Have Barcode Scanner for Black Friday 2022



Black Friday is the best time of the year to buy a new barcode scanner, and with these special offers, you can get the barcode scanner of your choice. But there are many options on the market that make people wonder which is the best to one to buy. To help you, we have rounded up some popular barcode scanners that are worth getting.


1. Best Handheld Barcode Scanner - EY-019Y

EY-019Y handheld barcode scanner has a sturdy design, accurate and fast scanning function, supports scanning 1D/2D/QR barcodes, and can scan barcodes directly on a mobile screen. These capabilities are perfectly suitable for both inventory counting and for cashiers.Eyoyo 019Y barcode scanner



2. Best Mobile Phone Back Clip Bluetooth Barcode Scanner - EY-032L

The new cell phone back clip barcode scanner EY-032L effectively solves the problem of cell phone compatibility, it can perfectly combine different sizes and thickness of cell phone. The clip is designed to move up and down freely to avoid blocking the camera, and both sides are made of durable hard aviation material.eyoyo 032L barcode scanner     


3.Best Handheld Inventory Data Scanner - EY-7000

EY-7000 inventory scanner combines barcode collector and inventory counter function. Designed with 2.2-inch TFT color LCD screen, it displays barcode content, type, quantity and length on the screen. It also supports multiple libraries, which can better classify and differentiate your inventory, record and is perfect for inventory management.eyoyo 7000 barcode scanner



4. Best Portable QR Barcode Scanner - EY-015P

Newly upgraded wireless portable barcode scanner EY-015P adopts unique, lightweight and compact design. Weighing at only 32g, it is suitable for various scenarios. It supports Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless/wired connection modes, which can be used in both mobile retail and warehouses.eyoyo 019p barcode scanner



Tips for Buying Barcode Scanner on Black Friday 2022


To avoid regretting purchase of your barcode scanner, you will need to do a lot of research before making your purchase. Lucky for you, we have listed additional tips for buying a barcode scanner so that you can get the best with minimal effort.


     1. Find out the right type of barcode scanner for your use

        First of all you need to confirm the type of barcode you need to scan- 1D/2D/QR barcode, etc.


2. Read the product information and customer reviews carefully

        Refer to other users' opinions. Comparing different barcode scanners in the market can help you judge which is worth buying.


3. Check the shipping time and cost

        Pay attention to the shipping time of products sold during Black Friday and check if they offer free shipping.


4. Choose a reputable brand

        There are many brands of barcode scanners in the market. Eyoyoscan is one of the top-known brands for barcode scanners, not only because of the quality of their products, but also their top-notch customer service.


5. The more you buy, the more you save

With the once-a-year Black Friday sale, you can get a barcode scanner at a very low price with additional discounts. It's highly recommended that you save even more by buying more units! If you don't need that many barcode scanners, you can always invite your friends who may need them to join and share the purchase.


FAQs about Black Friday Barcode Scanner Sales



Are the barcode scanners on sale on Black Friday low quality?

No, because barcode scanners have to undergo strict scrutiny and pass high quality standards before they are allowed to be sold. If sellers use Black Friday to cheat you, it will only ruin their own reputation and will put added pressure on the customer service team. So you don't need to worry about buying an old or refurbished barcode scanner from Eyoyoscan.


Are barcode scanners purchased on Black Friday the "real" lowest prices?

Eyoyoscan Black Friday lowest price is a real deal. This is because regular customers can easily see if it is the lowest price, but even so there are still a small number of sellers who will play this trick and you should learn to tell.


Does a barcode scanner purchased on Black Friday come with the same warranty?

Yes, Eyoyoscan offers a full one year warranty, regardless of whether the barcode scanner was purchased on Black Friday or not.


Should I buy a barcode scanner on the official website for Black Friday sale?

Yes, on the official website ( you can be the first to know and participate in the latest deals. You can also be sure that the barcode scanners you buy from the official website are genuine, high quality, and have a great customer-service team to help you if you have any technical problems after purchase.