Best Laser Barcode Scanner - Read This Guide Before You Buy One

Eyoyo Laser barcode scanner

With the development of information technology and the need for industrial upgrading, laser barcode scanners are becoming more and more popular. They can be widely used in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, e-commerce retail, logistics and express delivery. Laser barcode scanner is equivalent to the front-end equipment of barcode information collection, which is the premise and foundation of barcode technology. It provides efficient data collection and transmission function for any industry. By simplifying the daily workflow,  it helps to prevent errors, so that the work efficiency can be drastically improved. These are some of the main reasons barcode scanners play an increasingly important role in various industries.


We will discuss some of the key things to look for when choosing a laser barcode scanner, as well as compare some of the pros and cons of other types of barcode scanners.



What is a Laser Barcode Scanner and how does it work?

laser barcode scanner work process

laser barcode scanner work process of a laser source, optical scanning, optical reception, photoelectric conversion, signal amplification, shaping, quantization and decoding.

The basic working principle of laser barcode scanner is: when the user touches the power switch or the button to scan on the barcode scanner, the VLD sends out a red laser beam- which is expanded through the beam expanding lens and is reflected to the surface of the swing reflector to form a laser dot on the barcode. When the reflector swings, according to the principle of optical reflection, the position of the laser point on the barcode changes and the reflector swings continuously. We will then see a red laser line, which is due to the temporary visual phenomenon. The laser dot shining on the barcode is then reflected, reflected light is shot to the reflector- then reflected by the reflector to the light collector. The light is collected by the light collector, the stray natural light is filtered out by the filter, and shot into the photo diode. This generates the photoelectric induction signal, then it is amplified, shaped and decoded into useful information and transmitted to the host.



The difference between Laser Barcode Scanner and CCD barcode scanner?


Many people have no way to distinguish between laser scanner and CCD scanner, because they both emit red light. The following helps you to identify the difference between laser barcode scanner and CCD barcode scanner.


1 . Scanning light

(1) The light emitted by the red light barcode scanner is a very thick line (thick in the middle, thin at both ends). The farther the barcode scanner is from the barcode, the thicker the red light, and lower the scanning success rate.

(2) The laser barcode scanner emits a very thin, uniform laser line, and the reading capability of the laser scanner is much stronger than the red light scanner. It can scan far away from the barcode, and the laser barcode scanner with good performance can even scan half a meter away.



2 . Scanning distance

(1) The red light barcode scanner generally needs to be very close to the barcode to scan . The farthest distance it will scan will not be more than 20 cm.

(2) The scanning distance of laser barcode scanner can reach more than 30 cm, and the laser scanner with good performance can reach 50 cm.


3 . Scanning accuracy

(1) Red light scanner gun scanning accuracy is relatively low.

(2) The Laser scanner's accuracy is much higher, so it will be able to scan smaller sized barcodes, that the red light scanner won't be able to.


4 . Application scenarios

(1) If the barcode you are scanning is larger and more readable, you can choose red light barcode scanner to reduce the cost.

(2) If the requirements for scanning efficiency are higher and the barcode is finer, then choose the laser barcode scanner.


Laser barcode scanner can be used for non-contact scanning, usually, in the recognition distance of more than 30cm, laser barcode scanner is the only choice; laser recognition barcode density range, and can read irregular barcode surface or through the glass or transparent adhesive paper recognition, because non-contact recognition, so will not damage the barcode label; have more advanced reading and decoding system, the first reading recognition High success rate, faster recognition speed compared to optical pen and CCD, and good recognition of poorly printed or blurred barcodes; very low false code rate (only about one in three million).


Practical tips for choosing the best Laser Barcode Scanner


After you have understood the usefulness and main features of the Laser Barcode Scanner, you may still be unsure whether the Laser Barcode Scanner you choose has true or high quality scanning capabilities.


Before choosing the best laser barcode scanner, here are some tips:


1)    Type of barcode to be scanned and barcode width

You can give the sales rep information about the type of barcode you need to scan (before making your purchase) such as barcode code system, number of bits, and density size.


2)    Scanning distance

Combine the required distance between the barcode and laser barcode scanner with the actual application scenario to figure out the laser barcode scanner suitable for your use.


3)    Scanning recognition speed

According to the application scenario, choose the laser barcode scanner with better recognition performance. Such as, whether the production line or cashier needs to be equipped with a highly sensitive barcode scanner to effectively improve work efficiency.


4)    Whether the installation is convenient

Most laser barcode scanners in the market today do not require you to tediously configure to install it.


5)    Whether the laser barcode scanner is portable

You can choose fixed or portable barcode scanner according to the application scenario. For choosing a mobile portable barcode scanner, you need to consider the weight and range of the barcode scanner.


6)    How you can get connected to the device

The laser barcode scanner supports the connection of Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless/ wired.


7)    Watch any video of scanner usage shared by other customers


8)    Read laser barcode scanner media reviews

You can find reviews on Amazon, Reddit, forums, PCMag, ZDNet and other review sites.


9)    Google to see if you can find more customer reviews about the product



Top choices for the best Laser Barcode Scanner


If you are looking for a portable laser barcode scanner, we recommend the Eyoyo EY-028L and the EY-026L. For a wired handheld scanner, the Eyoyo EY-H3L is a good choice. The EY-026L is a finger ring style design, which has powerful scanning performance while ensuring ease of use, and the wired EY-H3L also has powerful performance and sturdiness.


1. Best Portable Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner - EY-028L

eyoyo 028L laser barcode scanner

This laser barcode scanner with on-screen display is the star product of Eyoyo. You can not only get the date/time, remaining battery, sound on/off, Bluetooth/2.4G connection status and other information from the screen, but also set some common functions directly on the barcode scanner. It can be used in warehouse, retail, transportation, logistics, access control, inventory management, asset tracking, visitor registration and can be integrated into point-of-sale systems.


Key Features

Three connection modes - Bluetooth & 2.4G wireless & USB wired

With on-screen display - displays date/time, remaining battery, sound on/off status, Bluetooth/2.4G connection status, etc.

Long battery life - 500mAh battery capacity (8 hours working time, 2 hours charging time)



2. Best Fingerprint Laser Barcode Scanner- EY-026L

eyoyo 026L laser barcode scanner

This finger ring type laser barcode scanner is one of Eyoyo's best-selling products. With its finger ring type design, it does not require you to stop what you are doing to use it. The scanning head can be rotated 330°, so you can easily use it whether your dominant hand is left or right.


Key Features

Portable ring design - frees up both hands for multitasking

Ultra-lightweight - weighs only 30g/1.05oz, no burden for long time use

Three connection modes – Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and USB wired



3. Best Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner - EY-H3L

eyoyo h3l laser barcode scanner

This laser barcode scanner is a hot seller in Eyoyo's handheld category. There are many customers who want an entry-level and cost-effective scanner. The EY-H3L barcode scanner has an extremely fast scanning speed for scanning 1D codes and has a rugged drop resistant ABS exterior at a low price.


Key Features

No cumbersome setup – fast and convenient 2M USB ultra-long plug-and-play cable

Scanning sensitivity - ultra-fast and accurate scanning recognition significantly improves work efficiency

Sturdy and drop resistant - sturdy and drop resistant ABS material housing exterior