How to Choose the Right Barcode Scanner? Barcode Scanner Buying Guide

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Barcode Scanner Buying Guide


This barcode scanner buying guide details the types of barcodes, and the functions of barcode scanners, to help you buy the most suitable barcode scanner for your needs.

Barcode scanner is also called barcode reader or a price reader.(POS) barcode scanner is a device to capture and identify barcode data. Bar code scanner is a high-tech product closely related to optical, mechanical, electronic, application software and other technologies. Bar code scanner is the third generation of computer external input device after the mouse and keyboard. As soon as it was listed, it has gained rapid development and wide application by all fields. The barcode scanner is generally composed of light source, optical lens, scanning module, analog to digital conversion circuit plus plastic shell. It converts the detected light signal into electric signal with photoelectric element, then converts the electric signal into digital signal through “analog-to-digital” converter to transmit onto the computer for processing.


Types of barcodes


Types of barcodes

(1D/linear barcode on the left, 2D/QR barcode on the right)

Before choosing a barcode scanner, you first need to know what type of barcode you need to scan. Currently, the most common uses are 1D linear barcodes and 2D codes. Combined with the use of the scene to consider the scanning distance of the barcode scanner and the function of the barcode scanner, you can summarize the right barcode scanner for yourself.


Types of barcode scanner


The difference between the types of barcode scanners lies in the different scanning modes, which can be divided into three modes: laser scanning, CCD scanning, and 2D scanning.

Laser scanning: Long scanning depth of field; no need to be close to the barcode to effectively read the barcode. Scanning speed and sensitivity are better than CCD barcode scanners. The disadvantage is that it can not read the barcode on a screen. It is suitable for scanning paper barcodes (books), warehousing, logistics and other industries.

CCD scanning: Scanning depth of field is short, but there is a wide scanning range and can read the barcode on the screen. It is suitable for retail, supermarkets, sales and other industries.

2D scanning: A new type of barcode scanner that can recognize QR codes, 2D codes and also 1D codes. It uses a miniature camera to capture the picture of the barcode, then uses digital image processing algorithms to decode it. It then uses the pixel function to solve the needs of scanning depth of field according to different application scenarios.



What factors to consider when selecting a barcode scanner



  • The ground

    According to the survey, the most common cause of damage to mobile devices is by "dropping" them.

    It is a good idea to choose a rugged or universal barcode scanner. The rugged barcode scanner can withstand extreme working environment, which is why this can be a very effective solution to this problem.


    • Working environment

      Is there water in your warehouse? Is there a lot of dust? Is there oil and grease?

      If "yes", please check the protection (IP) rating of the barcode scanner you choose. It is recommended to pick a barcode scanner with at least IP68 rating to increase the life of your barcode scanner.


      • Light

        Are you working in a light-filled environment or in a dimly lit warehouse?

        In low light conditions, you should reduce the brightness of your barcode scanner. If you want to use it in strong sunlight or in a bright environment then you need a barcode scanner with higher brightness levels. You can request a demonstration from the seller under similar lighting conditions to ensure that the barcode scanner you purchase will read barcodes accurately and smoothly.


        Recommendations for barcode scanner

         Eyoyo 009L wireless mini 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner

        Eyoyo 009L wireless mini 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner has Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and wired 3-in-1 connection modes. It has strong decoding capabilities and long-range transmission function. The mini pocket size and weight of only 35g/1.23oz makes it even more portable. What's more, the mini size is equipped with 650mAh large capacity rechargeable battery, which can easily work for 5 hours after 2 hours of full charging.

        Suitable for bookstores, stores, sales stores, and warehouses


        • Wired and wireless dual-mode free switch
        • Supports 2.4G wireless, wireless Bluetooth & wired USB; three connection modes
        • Weighs only 35g/1.23oz, mini size, easy to carry
        • Supports Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Win10 PC, Android, and iOS devices
        • 650mAh rechargeable battery can be used for up to 5 hours for continuous scanning, with only 2H to recharge completely- Standby time for up to 30 days

         Note: It can't scan 2D code, and barcode from any screens. Only supports scanning 1D code

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         Eyoyo EY-2200 wired desktop barcode scanner

        Eyoyo EY-2200 wired desktop barcode scanner supports 2D and 1D barcode scanning from cell phone screens. It is even easier to start using it right away with its plug and play model. With infrared auto-sensing scanning and super decoding capability, omnidirectional hands-free model gives you a better experience when using it. Free up your hands and improve efficiency.

        Suitable for retail, logistics, medicine, supermarkets, and hotels


        • High-speed image acquisition and decoding
        • Plug and play- no need to install any driver, software or application
        • Readable on electronic screens
        • Can read special barcodes; such as damaged, deformed, color and reflective barcodes
        • With infrared induction trigger, scanner supports infrared automatic induction scanning

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        Eyoyo EY-022P QR 2D barcode Bluetooth scanner- mini wireless back clip cell phone barcode scanner 

        Eyoyo EY-022P QR 2D barcode Bluetooth scanner- mini wireless back clip cell phone barcode scanner. Supports 1D barcode, QR, and 2D barcode scanning. Compatible with iPhone, Android, IOS. 1000mAh rechargeable battery, can scan continuously for 7.5 hours.

        Suitable for warehouse inventory, book, inventory stocktaking, and asset stocktaking


        • Phone Clip-on design does not block the camera
        • Two scanning button design- you can freely choose which button to press to scan- Supports left and right hand interchange to improve work efficiency
        • Can be linked with other Bluetooth devices, Windows, Mac OS, Android OS, and iOS
        • Advanced CMOS sensor capability
        • Three scanning modes: manual trigger mode & self-sensing mode & continuous mode

         Note: Please make sure your phone is 60 mm (2.36 inches) to 110 mm (4.33 inches) wide before purchase.

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        Eyoyo EY-016L Wearable Fingerprint 1D Barcode Scanner

        Eyoyo EY-016L Wearable Fingerprint 1D Barcode Scanner has powerful 1D barcode decoding capability, fast scanning speed and long transmission distance. The 3-in-1 connection mode allows you to use it with many devices. Equipped with 450mAh rechargeable battery, it can work continuously for 8 hours after fully charged.

        Suitable for bookstores, stores, sales stores, warehouses, and inventory counting


        • 330° rotation angle supports left and right hand
        • Supports three kinds of connections- 2.4G wireless, wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB- Supports Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Win10 operating system PC, Android, and iOS devices
        • Weighing only 30g/1.05oz, it is mini and portable
        • Supports two upload modes- instant upload mode and storage mode (16MB). It can store up to 100000 EAN13 barcodes.
        • 450mAh rechargeable battery can be used for up to 10 hours continuous scanning time
        • Sound and vibration can be turned off

        Note: Cannot read barcodes from screens and it cannot scan any 2D barcodes

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        Eyoyo EY-H2 handheld wired 2D barcode scanner 

        Eyoyo EY-H2 handheld wired 2D barcode scanner supports 1D, 2D and QR code scanning. Plug and play compatible model with a wired USB (1.8m cable length). Has a rugged casing for shock resistance and durable design.

        Suitable for document management, inventory tracking and POS (point of sale) payment in supermarkets, convenience stores, warehouses, libraries, bookstores, pharmacies, retail stores, etc.


        • Plug and play compatible- USB data cable connection (no need to install any driver and software)
        • Supports 1D and 2D barcode decoding
        • Multifunctional scanner- ideal for scanning most 1D and 2D barcodes on paper and screen
        • Rugged exterior for shock resistance and durable design- Ergonomic design using high quality ABS, so it can withstand repeated drops from 5 feet (1.5 meters) high places

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        Final Thoughts



        Currently, barcode scanners are utilized in all industries. It can help you track the warehouse inventory in real time; track all orders in logistics, take a quick inventory of assets in enterprises, expedite the checkout process in retail supermarkets to improve customer experience, and find books in bookstores. Established in 2010, Eyoyo is an innovative company focusing in the barcode scanning field. We have been devoted to providing clients with high-quality barcode scanners and the professional industry with innovative solutions and services.